Just some of the gear that will be on show.

Andrew Miles (Tangible Waves AE modular)
Chelsea Bruno (aka Eden Grey)
Ian Boddy (Make Noise, Intellijel, 2HP Roland System 500 and his brand new Folktek Resonant Garden)
DiN Record – Tone Science CDs and T-shirts.
Nigel Mullaney (Doepfer, TipTop, Tonestar, Mutable and lots more)
Ian Helliwell (DIY Sound boxes)
Jeremy Fosker (Various Eurorack – like a lot of them!)
Mike Gorman (Yamaha DX5+TX816, plus Oakley 5U and other surprise)
Noise Orchestra (DIY noise from light)
Tom Szakaly (Rare Moog Modular System)
Transistor Sounds Labs (Stepper Acid Eurorack sequencer)
Trautonium (James Worthington)


Interesting and innovative hardware and software projects

Rakits (DIY kits)
Row Seven (drum machine)
Trueno Synth (on a USB stick)
VCV Rack (virtual modular in software represented by Open Source developer Martin Lueders)
Web Audio Modules (software synth)
Yoshimi (Linux synth)


Music Departments @
University of Derby
University of Huddersfield
University of Leeds
University of Sheffield

Audio Electronics @
University of York

Delia Derbyshire Day (Caro Churchill)
Women Produce Music (Katia Isakoff)
Yorkshire Sound Women Network


Patch Tweak /Push-Turn-Move books
Tape Leaders book (Ian Helliwell)
Ste Homes Synth Artwork
Synth Evolution Artwork


Sound On Sound Synth Help Desk

Come and say hello and ask questions.