Modular Meet

The Modular Meet features a fantastic collection of synths brought along by serious enthusiasts. Here’s a list of what might be on show. (Subject to last minute changes).

ALM Busy Circuits

ALM Beasts Chalkboard

ALM Tangle Quartet

ALM Alemie’s Castle


ALM O/A/x2

ALM Fizzle Guts

Analogue Systems French Connection – Ondes Martenot

Analogue Systems – various modules

ARP 2600 TTSH clone

ARP 1601 sequencer clone

Bastl CV Trinity

Buchla 200e system 7

BugBrand modular


Doepfer 32hp Minicase

Doepfer VCA

EDP Caterpillar controller

Electro-Harmonix POG2 Octave Generator

Fonitronik CASCADE

Intellijel Korgasmatron II Expander

Jasper, EDP Wasp clone

Kilpatrick Phenol patchable analog synth

Korg SQ-1 sequencer


LZX Visual Cortex

Make Noise DPO

Make Noise ModDemix

Make Noise Erbe-Verb

Make Noise Wogglebug

Make Noise Echophon

Modified MB Games Vectrex

Moon Modular

Mutable Instruments Clouds

Mutable Instruments Warps

Moog – A collection of rare early Moog modules

RA Moog 701 drum synthesizer modules

RA Moog 702 percussion synthesizer modules

(along with a .com Q960 to sequence them all)

Custom one-off Moog “octaver” (in an early RA Moog VCA case)

An unfinished & unidentified Moog “mystery module”

RA Moog custom delays mixer (built for Joel Chadabe)

RA Moog headphone amplifier

Moog MF102

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Box

Serge – various modules

Synovatron CVTools

Synthesis Technology

TC Electronic Flashback X4

TC Electronic PolyTune

Various prototype and DIY synth kits

Vermona qMI2


Organised for Sound On Sound by Paul Nagle and Paul Ward in association with Modular Meets.