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2getheraudio makes professional music creation software for musicians, composers, DJs, game developers, home studio enthusiasts, and others using computers to make music and sounds. Come along to SynthFest UK and see RE4ORM, a Free4orm Additive Synthesizer virtual instrument, and RE4ORM FX, an Audio Shape Remixer effects plugin.

Ableton – Isotonik Studios

Ableton will be represented by Isotonik Studios, a collective of developers committed to extending the use of Ableton Live through a variety of products focusing mainly in the arena of MaxforLive.

Ableton make Live, Push and Link — unique software and hardware for music creation and performance. With these products, their community of users create amazing things. Ableton was founded in 1999 and released the first version of Live in 2001. The products are used by a community of dedicated musicians, sound designers, and artists from across the world.

ADAM Audio

ADAM Audio is a leading manufacturer of loudspeakers in the Pro Audio market. Founded 1999 in Berlin, Germany, the company’s loudspeakers have set high standards around the world when it comes to precise monitoring and natural sound reproduction.

AJH Synth

AJHSynth is headed up by Allan “J” Hall, who has been involved with synths, electronics and music for more years than he cares to remember!


The world’s most influential manufacturer of music production gear – including the legendary MPC – Akai Professional develops creative technologies to equip music makers with hardware and software tools that are unmatched in expressive capability.

ALM/Busy Circuits

ALM/Busy Circuits is a British manufacturer of electronic musical instruments producing well designed, original and fun devices primarily for the Eurorack Modular synthesis format.

Analogue Solutions

We are a UK company that has been making analogue synths for over 20 years and specialise in vintage sounding non-digital synths, sequencers and Eurorack.


Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999, Arturia specialises in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians.


Showcasing some of the world’s finest mix headphones with excellent detail and translation, it’s like wearing a mastering grade mix room on your head.


Bitwig Studio is a dynamic software for creation and performance of your musical ideas on stage or in the studio.

Dove Audio

Dove Audio was formed in 2018 by Paula Maddox who is bringing her 20+ years of synthesiser design experience to exciting, new and innovative products. Including the new WTF Oscillator module.

DPW Design

Eurorack modules and guitar/bass pedals designed and manufactured in Sweden.
Design ideas sparked by high quality studio and live needs.

Dynaudio Pro

Danish speaker manufacturer Dynaudio produce a range of high quality monitors to suit both the home and professional studio user. With the new and highly acclaimed LYD series and its low volume precision, producers and musicians get an authoritative and powerful studio monitoring tool that excels at low mix volume, while still maintaining the precision and quality Dynaudio PRO is famous for.

EarthQuaker Devices

Equally at home on synths as they are on guitar and with a product line that is the equivalent of a stompbox candy store, EarthQuaker Devices’ impressive line of killer pedals (with analog circuits for purists and DSP pedals for bold experimentalists) will certainly let your creative juices flow, no matter what instrument you use them on.

Electronic Sound

Electronic Sound magazine covers electronic music and culture with a side order of art and technology. In-depth coverage of the contemporary scene, the pioneers, the machines, and the current thinking of the electronic music world.

Erica Synths

Erica Synths team of visionaries, engineers and musicians have been working hard to bring you modules and instruments that will set your modular system apart from mass in terms how it sounds, looks and functions.


We’ve revolutionized the industry with our H910, Harmonizer, Instant Phaser, and we’re incorporating today’s hardware technology with our extraordinary ‘Factor stompboxes, and the ultra-versatile H9.

Expert Sleepers

Expert Sleepers make hardware and software for tight, two-way
integration of synthesiser hardware (analogue and MIDI) and computer

Future Sound Systems

Eurorack modules for retro-futurists. Unique designs and ideas in sound since 2005.


Since 1978 Genelec has developed high quality studio monitors and active speaker systems.

GMSN (Pure Modular)

GMSN! will be back at SynthFest for a third year with a selection of new modules and case hardware. Rob will also be on hand to answer any Synth DIY questions you might have.


iConnectivity’s innovative audio & MIDI interfaces connect musicians with each-other, multiple computing devices, and their instruments. Representatives from iConnectivity will be on hand at SynthFest to demo their complete line as well as answer questions.

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia designs and manufactures apps, software, hardware and accessory products for music creation and playback on computers and mobile devices.

Keith McMillen Instruments

Keith McMillen Instruments develops innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians to interface with computers in exciting new ways. Makers of the K-Board mixer, K-Board Smart keyboard, QuNexus and may other creative solutions.


Kenton design and build high quality MIDI interface products allowing pieces of equipment to communicate with one another where they otherwise wouldn’t. We also make MIDI retrofits, MIDI to CV converters, MIDI controllers and wireless MIDI systems.

KMA Machines

KMA Machines (stands for Karl Marx Allee, where the company was formed) is a critically acclaimed and up and coming boutique brand of pedal effects from Berlin, Germany. Their latest release is the Horizont Interdimensional Multispatial JFET Stereo Phaser, which includes built in LFO and many other unique features that can be manipulated via its CV input, for all interstellar tone chasers out there.

KMR Audio

KMR Audio are the UK’s leading boutique Synthesizer and Pro Audio Supplier. We’re your one-stop shop for all things Synthesis and, the UK’s exclusive supplier of Tom Oberheim and Buchla products.

Korg UK

KORG UK will be showing their range of analogue modelling and true analogue synths including minilogue, prologue, volcas, microKORG and monologue. Also appearing in the KORG room will be other synth brands including VOX, ARP and their most recent acquisition REON.


Founded by industry stalwarts (who were responsible for many of Strymon’s and Line 6’s best creations), Meris has synthesis in their DNA. From the ground-breaking Mercury 7 reverb, the Ottobit Bit Crusher, to the very latest Enzo Multi-Voice Instrument Synthesizer, the brand truly is paving the way for the future of musical effects right now, with their pedals and 500-Series modules.

Modal Electronics

Creators of the Modal 002, 008 and Craft Synth Kits. Modal will be launching the exciting new SKULPT Polysynth.

Modor Music

Modor Music is a small synthesizer company from Belgium with a first synth, the Modor NF-1 out since 2015. Modor explores the world of digital sound creation, looking for new, musically useable sounds. We use digital techniques because we feel that there are still lots of creative possibilities to discover in this world.


Moog Music synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments are designed and lovingly handcrafted in the Moog factory in downtown Asheville, N.C. Moog Music and its customers carry on the legacy of Dr. Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer and Founder of Moog Music Inc.

Motas Electronics

The new British company behind the Motas-6 monophonic analogue synthesizer that features powerful digital control and a super-flexible independent modulation architecture. The spec includes 37 EGs and LFOs, plus 3 true analogue VCOs, 3 filters, built-in arpeggiator and pattern sequencer. Plus a software controller.


Makers of the Impact and Panorama USB Controller Keyboards. Nektar offer a range of products in 25, 49, 61 and 88 notes versions as well as the Nektar Pacer Footswitch Controller.

Noise Orchestra

Noise Orchestra are Manchester sound art duo David Birchall and Vicky Clarke who are developing Noise Machines that translate light into sound. They have also creating wearable oscillator kits.


Produced of the Nord Lead A1 analog modelling synth and Nord Lead 4 subtractive synth keyboards as well as the Nord Stage and Piano range.


Novation is a British company designing innovative tools for electronic music-makers. Novation designs Synthesizers, Grid-based and Keyboard controllers and Groove-boxes. From the serious hardware-oriented music-maker looking for new inspiration, to electronic music fans looking to start a journey into making their own, Novation seeks to inspire.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Based in Oklahoma U.S.A., Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a ground-breaking company whose vision is based on a fearlessly artistic take on effects. From gorgeous textural echoes, to dreamy stretchy soundscapes and all rounded off by their unique modulation creations, there’s something there for everybody who wants to make their creative flame burn brighter than ever before.


Founded in 1995, PreSonus® Audio Electronics, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of audio-recording and live-sound software, hardware, and related accessories. We’ll be showing Studio One: one of the freshest, fastest and most exciting DAWs available today.

Push Turn Move + Patch & Tweak

Following on from the success of Push Turn Move, publishing company Bjooks will launch the new Patch & Tweak book which is all about exploring modular synthesis. Foreward by Suzanne Ciani and written by Kim Bjorn and Chris Meyer. Signed copies will be on sale at the show.

Radikal Technologies

Radikal Technologies is a manufacturer of hybrid and digital Synthesizers. Best known for their 2004 released Spectralis electronic music studio in a box they started to manufacture high end eurorack modules in 2015.


We are on a mission to make fun, noisy electronic kit projects at affordable prices for a range of ages and skill levels. Come and see our drum synth, sequencer, mixer and more.

Red Dog Music

Red Dog Music are one of the UK’s largest musical instrument and technology retailers. Be sure to come check out some special show prices.


The REON Corporation is a Japanese boutique synthesizer manufacturer. In 2015, REON underwent a complete change and refreshed its product line-up with a united range of Driftboxes, all retaining the same “Hand-made-in-Japan” quality. Distributed by Korg UK.

Rich Tone Music

Sheffield’s premier music store and online retailer of major Synth brands, inc. Roland, Yamaha, Moog, Korg, Nord and more.


Roland will show a selection of instruments from their keyboard synthesizer, modular, standalone sound modules and drum machine products.


The Seaboard, revolutionized the piano keyboard by replacing traditional keys with a continuous, touch-responsive surface. Their new Block and Lightpad Block take this technology further.

Rubadub Music & Technology

We sell a large range of carefully selected Eurorack Modular, recording software, and studio equipment.


Scan 3XS DAW systems are found in recording studios up and down the country and we’ll be on the stand to discuss all your recording studio needs.

SiFam Controls

With over 40 years experience in the moulding business, SiFam is well known throughout the audio industry. We manufacture an extensive range of Knobs, Sliders and Pushbuttons plus, we offer custom designs.


Softube develops both hardware and software for the audio industry. A number of high-end computer recording plug-ins are available under the Softube brand. We’ve also done development for reputable companies such as Abbey Road Studios, Native Instruments, Ableton and TC Electronic as well as partnering up with Universal Audio, Propellerheads and Cakewalk.

Soulsby Synthesizers

Soulsby Synths manufactures innovative 8-bit instruments including the Atmegatron (desktop synth), miniAtmegatron (Arduino shield kit) and Oscitron (Eurorack module).


Based near Matlock, Soundgas stock a wide range of classic/vintage/rare instruments and effects: synths, guitars, amps, studio/recording gear – all serviced and guaranteed. Tape Echo & Binson Echorec specialists.

Sound On Sound

Drop by the Sound On Sound magazine stand and chat to our knowledgable staff about all things synth and DAW.

Soundtronics stock kits, panels and components for all MFOS / YuSynth 5U synth modules. These are complemented with our solid hardwood cases and cabinets.

Stone Deaf

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Stone Deaf are predominantly known for their marriage of analog effects, merged with digital control. Their fully analog Tremotron Dual Tremolo and Syncopy Analog Delay pedals are no exception and feature full digital control via MIDI, EXP and CV and are also chock full of modulation potential and presets, no matter the setup.

Studio Electronics

Manufacturers and designers of Premium Quality Analog synths for over 30 years – SE has an astounding legacy of analog synths in Rackmount, desktop, Eurorack formats. On show will be Eurorack Sensei system – including the new Quadnic and Tonestar modules.


Studiologic is a manufacturer of digital musical instruments. Well-known for their Sledge synthesizers and Numa pianos and organ, plus a range of MIDI Controller keyboards.

Synthesizer Evolution

Synthesizer Evolution are proud to present the world’s first poster showcasing the golden era of synths from 1960 to 1990. All lovingly hand-illustrated, notated and displayed in chronological order.

Teenage Engineering

Creators of the low-cost bare-bones Pocket Operator sound devices letting you make music in your hand. The range includes a lead synth, bass line, drum machine and sequencer.

Thonk – DIY Synthesizer Kits

Thonk are one of the leading proponents of the exploding synth DIY scene. This Brighton based store sell a wide range of kits to build Eurorack synth modules.


Tubbutec is manufacturer of vintage synth upgrades, MIDI interfaces and the Eurorack module the µTune micro-tonal CV to MIDI converter.

Women Produce Music

Women Produce Music is an artist and producer led non-profit founded by Katia Isakoff. We promote and support the activities of music-makers, producers, engineers and innovators, through a series of collaborative projects and initiatives.


Yamaha will be showing a selection from their range of keyboards such as the Montage, Motif XF and Reface.

Yorkshire Sound Women Network

YWSN was set up to inspire and enable more women and girls to explore sound and music technology. They hold regular events include Live Coding workshops and how to use popular DAW software.