SynthFest UK Bigger, Better And Busier

Second annual SynthFest is a huge success

The UK’s biggest synthesizer event returned to Sheffield on Saturday 7 October with a 30% higher attendance than last time. Now in its second year, SynthFest UK, organised by Sound On Sound magazine, is a celebration of all things synth, with an exhibition hosting manufacturers, retailers and universities, as well as a seminar programme with big names in the synth world and a Modular Meet where people could show off their own rigs.


SynthFest UK: All Things Synth!

Now in its second year, SynthFest UK has been created by Sound On Sound to showcase analogue, digital, modular, keyboard and software synthesizers. This time, it’s not only bigger but it’s more diverse too. Building on the success of last year’s event, there are over 30 companies exhibiting, ranging from the boutique Eurorack modular brands to mainstream keyboard manufacturers, along with soft-synth and virtual instrument makers. Among them you’ll find the likes of Moog, Korg, Roland, Arturia, Roli, Dreadbox, AJH Synth and Soulsby. British brand Modal Electronics will be showing their new CRAFTrythm drum machine/sampler for the first time at SynthFest, too!